General Paper:

When I was doing A levels, none of us had English as our first language. It was not a big surprise that GP was comparatively one of the harder subjects to study. A big part of that being there was not much we could study for GP. The questions could be anything from anywhere. It was never sure that If I study this topic, it will come in the exam, unlike other subjects. 

During the two years of A level, I realized that the best way to prepare for general paper is by preparing on the process rather than the content. Content is limitless if you wish to study for GP but what matters the most is how you put that content into the exam paper. 

This note is divided into three parts:

  1. Structure: How do you build your essay and present your arguments, examples, stance point and many more.
  1. Process: From seeing the question for the first time to putting the last full stop in your paper. 
  1. Tips and Tricks: Now, you have good content in a great structure. Yet there are things that will add further value to your essay. 

The Process:

The Question:

You will have an ample number of questions to choose from. Make sure you choose the topics you feel comfortable writing about. Also, go with the topic which you feel you have more content on. You don’t wanna be giving a lot of time to think about what will I write in this paragraph amidst the pressure of time running down during the exam.