Reading What is Written


After finishing your essay, the best thing is to read it yourself. Just make sure you read your essay as a reader rather than a writer. This will help you clear out if your arguments are presented clearly. Is there any grammatical mistakes made. If some contexts need better arguments to make it more understandable. 


There are hundreds of ways you can write an essay. After all when you simply the word, “ESSAY” simply means to write a piece on a particular topic. However, there are specific ways you can put your details so that it appears much appealing to the reader and communicates what you are trying to tell is an efficient manner. 

Following is a standard structure of an essay. 


1st paragraph: Introduction paragraph

The first paragraph of your essay is going to be your introduction paragraph. Here, add in few more lines to the question, try to expand it. The most important part is, here you will write your thesis line.

The thesis is a sentence that tells the reader what ideas you are going to give in the paper. This sentence structures your entire essay. 


It tells the reader what is your stance in the topic you are writing. However, a thing to be aware of is that you are just telling people what your stance, you are not coming to conclusion in the thesis.