Chemistry 9701

Free Alevel Notes that follow the official Alevel syllabus of Chemistry and also contains the revision notes for both the As and A level students.

About Chemistry

As level Chemistry and A level Chemistry fall under 11th and 12th-grade course respectively. It is studied after Cambridge International IGCSE (or equivalent) level or other equivalent courses such as O level. Preparation for As and Alevel exams as well as for revision of notes can be done guided by the official syllabus on the website. The section features a set of topics set in the official Chemistry syllabus that are arranged according to the chapters.

Some of the topics are Kinetics, Aldehydes, Further Redox Chemistry, etc. These topics also feature figures and diagrams to represent the actual Chemistry involved. All of these reading materials and diagrams are included in these notes to improve the understanding of students. The website provides chapter-wise summary notes that follow Cambridge International AS and A level Chemistry.

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